Socma Trading (M) Sdn. Bhd.
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Heritage of Excellence
SOCMA Trading (M) Sdn Bhd is a medium size and growing fast moving consumer products trading companies in Malaysia. SOCMA is your link to illustrious heritage with proven success as subsidiary of Hanwell Holdings Limited. Hanwell has been in operations since 1974 when 150 farsighted provision shop owners in Singapore merged to form the corporation.

The late 80's marked a new chapter for Hanwell. Hanwell acquired additional logistics capacity and various manufacturing facilities. It also expanded regionally and led to the birth of SOCMA during this period. In 1991, Hanwell made its debut on the Stock Exchange of Singapore as a public listed company. Having built a solid foundation in retail and distribution, Hanwell expanded its business to packaging and healthcare consultancy.

Foundations of Excellence
SOCMA TRADING (M) SDN BHD – your assurance of excellence in Malaysia. It is the name behind an extensive and impressive line up of successful brands. Established since 1989, SOCMA has grown into a leading distributor of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Malaysia. SOCMA distributes a diverse mix of candies, gums, snacks, oils, beverage and paper products.

SOCMA's own research has lead to the development of range of products specifically for the Muslim community – SOCMA's own house brand, Harmuni,a ready-mix coconut milk or Santan, kicap manis and kicap masin.

Network of Excellence
SOCMA boasts of extensive distribution channel in Malaysia from supermarket to hypermarkets, convenience stores to pharmacies. In-depth penetration is reinforced by far-reaching distribution links strategically located in Alor Setar, Penang, Ipoh Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Kluang, Johor, Kota Bharu, Kuantan and East Malaysia. Reliable sales personnel are stationed in these areas to assist wholesalers and distributors to secure distribution for SOCMA's range of products.

SOCMA is spearheaded by dedicated teams of experienced personnel. Among them is the Key Account Team. The KEY Account Team handles major clients nationwide. The job involves promotion planning, business review, as well as new products listing. All these speed up the time requires between listing, placement of products on shelves and in-store promotion.

Another strong force is SOCMA dedicated merchandiser team. A diligent and experienced team ensures that SOCMA's range of products is given top priority. Consistent management attention on the standards of merchandising and product sampling is the hall mark of SOCMA's success.

A full marketing team completes SOCMA's synergy of excellence. Dedicated and determined, the marketing team has numerous successes in managing international and local brands.

The marketing team conducts frequent market visits and research. Strategic communications is then executed through advertising and promotions activities. A comprehensive knowledge of products is crucial in providing the cutting edge in today's competitive retail environment.

By understanding the ever-changing trends and patterns, the teams from SOCMA respond quickly and efficiently to the daily demands of consumers today.

System of Excellence
With SOCMA, an efficient support system ensures prompt evaluation of products performance. The various reports encompass brands, channels, and distribution points and outlets performance. All thanks to SOCMA's management information system which operates on an AS400 platform.

This integrated system extends to SOCMA's strategically located distribution points throughout Malaysia. Effective and efficient, this system is supported by reliable delivery team, ensuring that all goods dispatched within 48 hours in Peninsular Malaysia!

To ensure success in products distribution, SOCMA also provides sales training, merchandising and store display. Such additional services equip our retail partners with tools to maximize sales and profits.